About Marcus Giotto

Who is Marcus Giotto?

Hello, I’m Marcus Giotto.

Are you looking for a B2B technical marketing consultant to help grow your business? I am sure you want someone who is not only a strategist but also a skilled technical copywriter — perhaps, a scientist, Ph.D in physics like me.

Hire an expert to write your professional technical copy!

In addition to providing insightful ideas, I also write the web pages, emails, ads, product descriptions, manuals, white papers, case studies and other technical marketing pieces from which you need to bring the best ideas into action — rapidly and cost-effectively.

It’s a practical approach that often gets awesome results for my clients.

My first client was my father, Francisco! At age twenty, I wrote an ad, and business cards for his auto shop business in Brazil called Foreign Cars Consulting (Assessoria a Carros Importados) that landed him a few new customers.

Since then I’ve been working with business owners, marketing managers, and creative directors to help them to propel their technical marketing results and grow their firms or clients’ businesses.

Why is Giotto copywriting effective?

Because, I’m concerned about your business as much as you are. So during the process of providing advice on strategy, writing copy and content, I am wearing your shoes.

On a personal level, I love to be with my family. I enjoy spending time with my wife, our long-hair dachshund named Ccino, and our grandchildren Luca and Andrew. I’m a scientist copywriter (Ph.D in physics with 32 peer-reviewed publications), a linguist, a guitar player, and radio broadcaster.


Professional Consultant